Servore 4000V Auto Welding Helmets – Arc Defender Range Expands


Servore 4000V Arc Defender auto darkening welding helmets offer many advantages over their cheaper counterparts found in the bargain bin at your local hardware store. Now get spoilt for choice as we announce the expanded line up of helmets, 3 new colours are available including rich metalic red, metalic silver and gloss black.

servore-4000v-auto-darkening-welding-helmet-red-metalicThe 4000V auto darkening helmets from the Arc Defender range incorporate Servore’s unique inner sense ADF cartridge technology as well as dual front mount optical sensors. The welding helmet range delivers reliable performance even under the most demanding conditions. Ideal for out-of-position welding, work on highly reflective surfaces and low amp TIG.


The 4000V auto darkening welding helmets are designed from scratch for welding professionals by engineering professionals, the Servore 4000V Arc Defender is no ordinary welding helmet delivering an unbeatable blend of performance, comfort and style with many voting the Arc defender is the helmet of choice for welding professionals around the globe.



The 4000V range is made of a special impact and temperature resistant nylon the Arc Defender from Servore is not only light but incredibly strong. The unique, ergonomically designed welding helmet shell is specifically designed to direct welding gasses around the helmet and away from the face and pivot with a low center of gravity – making it a comfortable, balanced helmet that you really can wear all day. The servore welding helmets are the ideal companion to any of the AC DC Tig welders for sale in Australia from TWS


Faster and clearer
Servore’s X-view screen delivers a better, clearer view of the weld with rapid and reliable reaction times. The X-view cartridge reacts at only 1/20,000th of a second and the new X-screen technology ensures a crisp, clear view of the weld pool with excellent color definition.




Sensitivity Control
The Arc Defender gives you complete control because not all environments are the same. Reliable, incrementally adjustable sensitivity control means that you can ‘tune out’ interference from other welders or lighting in the workplace making welding simpler and more comfortable.


Delay control
Factory programmed delay control controls the speed at which the screen changes from the dark to the light state. Ideal when tack welding or working on processes that have high residual heat and light in the weld. Helps to eliminate that ‘tired eye’ effect at the end of the day.







Low Battery Warning
The low battery warning light signals when batteries need to be replaced.

Shade control
Fully adjustable from shades 9 to 13.


Dual Sensor plus patented Inner Sense technology.

Servore’s auto on / auto off technology means there is no need remember to switch the helmet on, just ‘wear and weld’. Safe, convenient and easy to use the auto lift uses both power from the batteries and the solar cells to automatically power on and react immediately. Batteries typically last years and are easily replaced when necessary.

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