metalmaster 250p pulse mig welder

Metalmaster Pulse Mig Welder in Australia

Competitive & Easy To UseA competitively priced Pulse Mig Welder is now available in Australia. With the Metalmaster MIG250P, Pulse MIG welding has been simplified by allowing the operator quick access to the most recent setting so micro adjustments may be made on the fly. Different from standard MIG welding, the pulse feature allows two voltage characteristics, a ratio between them and a rate of repetition.Features +Peak Volts – The upper voltage that is used to provide penetration. Base Volts – The lower voltage that is used to maintain the arc whilst allowing the material to cool. Pulse Ratio – The amount of ratio of pulse vs base. Increasing this value gives more pulse / heat. Pulse Frequency – The repetition rate of the pulse cycle. A value of 10Hz will provide 10 pulses per second. Pulsed MIG welding can […]

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