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Oxygen Welding Gas Buy & Not Rent

Oxygen Welding Gas Buy & Not Rent

Competitive pressure has seen welding gas prices in Australia fall to levels that favour the home welding enthusiast. Speedgas has been growing rapidly and supplies many thousands of customers across NSW, SA, QLD and VIC. Purchasing your welding gas cylinder has never been easier and with the swap and go system you simply return the empty gas bottle for a full swap.


During the exchange process you can select a different gas also as there are no restrictions as to what you swap to. Tokentools Welding Supplies can assist you with transitioning from your curre

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Buy Welding Gas Cylinders Online – Own Your Own Gas Bottle

The burden of paying monthly gas bottle rental has been a thorn in the side of the weekend enthusiast for many years however the landscape is slowly shifting in their favour. What started many years ago in Sydney was the opportunity to purchase outright your very own welding gas cylinder, a small company called Speedgas started offering this amazing opportunity. Now supplier numbers have increased and we are also pleased to offer Speedgas cylinders from our store in Wyong.

Digital Inverter Pulse Tig Welder – Metalmaster 200D PRO

The TIG200D PRO is the latest addition to our growing family of digital inverter tig welding machines. Now encompassed by the high tech banner of our Metalmaster welding brand, the TIG200D PRO is the successor to our long standing analogue TIG200. Featuring an expanded array of features, the TIG200D is now fundamentally equal to the Metalmaster 210 PRO but without the AC welding function for ally or the price tag to match. As with all of our high end machines, we choose to use IGBT transistors, manufactured by Infineon and chosen for their ability to provide dependable power in the toughest of environments.


Huge DC Pulse Frequency– Our 32 Bit Microprocessor design allows for 0.1 to 500 Hz Pulses in DC far exceeding the capacity of pulse machines at this price point.


Enhanced MMA Welding – Now featuring MMA with Hot Start amps, Hot Start timer and Arc force, weld like a pro in MMA even with celulo

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metalmaster 250p pulse mig welder

Metalmaster Pulse Mig Welder in Australia

Competitive & Easy To UseA competitively priced Pulse Mig Welder is now available in Australia. With the Metalmaster MIG250P, Pulse MIG welding has been simplified by allowing the operator quick access to the most recent setting so micro adjustments may be made on the fly. Different from standard MIG welding, the pulse feature allows two voltage characteristics, a ratio between them and a rate of repetition.Features +Peak Volts – The upper voltage that is used to provide penetration. Base Volts – The lower voltage that is used to maintain the arc whilst allowing the material to cool. Pulse Ratio – The amount of ratio of pulse vs base. Increasing this value gives more pulse / heat. Pulse Frequency – The repetition rate of the pulse cycle. A value of 10Hz will provide 10 pulses per second. Pulsed MIG welding can […]

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